What are you looking for here?

I started this blog to make myself write down some of the things I am thinking about, the idea that someone might read it was a bonus. The idea that someone might read it and find it helpful was a dream. The surprise is that a lot of people are reading. Yikes!

So, here’s my question… are you from Jacob’s Well and curious? Are you a church leader that I have worked with somewhere? Someone from one of the conferences I’ve taught? Have you just run into my blog somehow? No matter who you are and why you are checking out this site, what are you looking for? I’d love to hear.

Are you a:

– a church launcher wondering about what we are trying out or dreaming about or learning from at Jacob’s Well…

– a preacher wondering about our worship series or creative arts process…

– a God-follower curious about my theological ideas or musings…

– a fellow precarious person who wants to know more about living the vulnerable life of faith…

Let me know… thanks!


5 responses to “What are you looking for here?

  1. Would love to hear your 5 year plan, and saying, “Being open to where God is leading next.” Doesn’t count right?! You’re an inspiration to me and are often in my prayers. Thanks for leading journey’s of discovery.

  2. Hey Rob,
    Great to hear from you. But weren’t you up a little late at night writing that?

    Ah, my 5 year plan. It is a mixture of specific goals and general directions that “God might have in mind next.” The dynamic tension is to have specific enough of plans that we create the capacity to pull off what God has in mind, but flexible and nimble enough to do what we could never have thought of ahead of time on our own.

    I’ll try to get a post off on this in the next day or so. It would be fun to do.

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog and I thought I recognized your face. My name is Doug Wooten and I attended the pd conference you and Randy led at Branch Creek. I’d love to speak with you if you could work it out in your schedule. I know God is leading me to launch a second (and a third… and a fourth… etc.) campus, but boy is it scary!!! Any, maybe we can talk sometime.

    Doug Wooten

  4. Doug, I’ll try and email you as well. Let’s set a time to talk on the phone. Where is home for you? –gm

  5. Good for people to know.

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