This precarious pastor is in Minneapolis and I’m part of Fabric, a new way of being church that is being crafted for people who don’t like church. (www.fabricmpls.com) We were born in the fall of 2006 and were initially called Jacob’s Well. We began as part of, and are still an experiment within the ELCA. My calling now is to try to figure out how the Church (God’s movement, not the institution itself) can be relevant and of value today. I guess that makes us part of the ’emerging church,’ but that term is more a generic label than a helpful description.

I’ve walked a long path getting to this point of the journey. Growing up in Wisconsin, the son of a Lutheran pastor, driving forklift, love affairs with math and science, St. Olaf ParaCollege, Yale University Divinity School, living in Papua New Guinea for almost 7 years, pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran in south Minneapolis for 15 years… all of that and more strangely and effectively pointing me to this part of my life.

Married to Kris who keeps me honest, informed, inspired and adventurous.

Four great kids whom I enjoy immensely, all out of college and grad school, most married, 4 grandkids to date whom Kris and I can’t live without. They and the world they will live in helps continue to drive the work I do.

I’m a learner (and working on the unlearner in me), risk taker, sailor, wilderness canoeist & backpacker, runner, reader, preacher, teacher, speaker/consultant, writer, technology geek (depending on the scale you’re using). I love music and am an amateur naturalist. I’m a coffee and beer snob, but drink whatever wine tastes good, and like gin and scotch that is too expensive for me to buy. I won’t even get started on food… I also get tired, grouchy, make mistakes and overlook important things, but do I have to get into all of that?

Email me: greg@fabricmpls.com