Advent Conspiracy

I wish I’d known about this project a few months instead of a few weeks ago. (Where was I?!? Well, anyway, see the video we showed Sunday, Dec. 14, below.)

While the project is new, the conspiracy of which it speaks has been going on for a long time. Jesus was God’s trump card in the process. As we talk about “Missing God” at Jacob’s Well these four Sundays before Christmas (Nov 30 – Dec 21) we are looking at all the places that God is around, bigger than life, but we keep missing it. Advent, God coming into the world, is exactly this. It is the world pregnant with God’s presence waiting to burst out at the right time – and it is continually the right time.

This was God’s conspiracy to disrupt our complacency, to wake us from our indifference, to get our eyes off ourselves, to open our hearts and minds to God’s presence and the possibilities which exist when God is that real and present. May we be part of the change!

Thanks to the work by the folks at


4 responses to “Advent Conspiracy

  1. You know, I just love this video. It says so much with a only few simple words. It’s almost a little depressing, but mostly makes me very happy to watch. And I’ve watched it a lot. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I love the Advent Conspiracy. It’s great. I’m really pumped that JW is taking the leap to talk about some challenging issues like poverty and consumerism. At church on Sunday, I felt inspired to change the way I spend my time and money… but I did not feel like I was being made to feel guilty about the way my priorities had been aligned before. This tough message was delivered from a place of love and non-judgementalism. I had a friend visiting JW with me that day, and it was awesome to hear his surprise at how different (in a good way!) the service was. All in all, it was an excellent Sunday morning.

  3. Pass the video on along to others. It is powerful.
    And while you are at it, join the Jacob’s Well team at, the microloan program that helps us be part of the conspiracy.

    Here’s the link to our team, it’s just getting going, be part of the movement!

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