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What are you looking for here?

I started this blog to make myself write down some of the things I am thinking about, the idea that someone might read it was a bonus. The idea that someone might read it and find it helpful was a dream. The surprise is that a lot of people are reading. Yikes!

So, here’s my question… are you from Jacob’s Well and curious? Are you a church leader that I have worked with somewhere? Someone from one of the conferences I’ve taught? Have you just run into my blog somehow? No matter who you are and why you are checking out this site, what are you looking for? I’d love to hear.

Are you a:

– a church launcher wondering about what we are trying out or dreaming about or learning from at Jacob’s Well…

– a preacher wondering about our worship series or creative arts process…

– a God-follower curious about my theological ideas or musings…

– a fellow precarious person who wants to know more about living the vulnerable life of faith…

Let me know… thanks!


Why ‘precarious’?

Why ‘precarious’? Well, I’m a sailor. I don’t get to sail too often, but it is a passion for me and the main way I get to sail is by taking groups out. I took what I love to do most and made a ministry out of it at the church I served. If you’ve ever wandered through a marina you have noticed the wide range of names of boats, each reflecting something about the owner. With that in mind we ask everyone on our trips, “If you were a sailboat on the journey that is your life, what would the name of that boat be?” For me the name was obvious, my boat is The Precarious.

To be precarious is to be on the edge of what is safe, risk-free, known. I know all my life isn’t lived on the margins, but my calling is to go there and explore them, to discover what God is up to out there where many are unwilling to go.

One of the fun things about being precarious is that it isn’t only full of possibility, but it wakes people up. People step aboard with a little (or a lot) of fear and trepidation. By joining the journey they’ve made a few important decisions; they will trust me on the journey of discovery, and they aren’t expecting status quo.

I’m also a pastor. It isn’t just an occupation. It is who I am – my wife and kids are painfully aware of this, I think. This blog is intended to be the truth of my precarious journey as a pastor. This isn’t the path of making sure everything works out, so my posts will contain as many “won’t do that again’s” as it will “wow, that worked great’s.” What being precarious does is open me up to God’s promise which is the verse I cling to more than any other…

The power of God at work within us can accomplish abundantly far more than we can ever ask or imagine. Ephesians 3.20 (my version)

Thanks for reading.