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One Year Old & 1st Sunday Evening Gathering


What if people actually came to our new service?

All I can say is that it feels a lot better being on this side of the launch of our evening service than on the other side. We launched as a community on September 17 of 2006 and today we added a service at 6 pm. We need the space, and we have heard from many who work Sunday mornings (stats say 30% of working adults are working on Sunday!) and others who have never had a “go to church” tradition find getting around to do anything on Sunday morning is an obstacle. Then there are the people who are gone for the weekend and can be back for an evening service.

Anyway, today was it. Not a smashing success in terms of numbers (68 in the Commons Room Gathering) but the spirit was alive and it felt very positive. We had quite a few people who had never been part of Jacob’s Well before, who loved the gathering and were thrilled that an evening service like this was available to them.

I think our total for the day was nearly 300, so that is pretty amazing. But it was really a lot of work. And we have a long, long way to go.

Thanks to all the people who have worked tirelessly to make this happen. If I try to name you all I’ll forget some. I know there were people I didn’t even recognize in some roles today. That is incredible. Thanks everyone! Soli Deo Gloria.


As simple as handing out a bottle of water

Jacob’s Well water bottles

This one’s for you!

It is amazing. When you have, in your hand, what someone else wants it is so easy to start off a conversation. When we started Jacob’s Well last summer we decided it made sense to have a bunch (bunch=10K what were we thinking!) of water bottles made up with our name, tagline (‘the kind of church you’re thirsty for’) and web address on them. Wells are where water comes from after all. They have been a great tool for us. (See why we aren’t getting anymore – it’s a core value/environmental decision for us – at

Today is the big Fall Festival at 48th & Chicago here in south Minneapolis, the bustling little business district where our office is located. It is a gorgeous day and many 100’s of people are around. Our band was playing on the stage a number of times, and Nate, our worship leader, was the emcee for all the stage events. We were also doing face painting, had a rest tent for parents with little kids, had people out and about in their “What if…?” t-shirts (our billboard is also on that corner). And most of all, we were handing out water in front of our office and talking to anyone who wanted to.

“Thank you!” “Have you heard of Jacob’s Well?” “…uh, I think so… what are you?” or quite often, “Yes, my friend or neighbor goes there.” One young woman said, “Yes, I was there last week for the first time.” Cool. And the conversations went on. I usually tell people that we know most people have given up on church, but it isn’t God’s fault, we think God still matters. So we started a church for people who don’t like to go to church.” Faces brighten. They know exactly what I mean. I interpret that as permission to say more. Many people said they wanted to come and check us out – I think most of them meant it. They seemed excited.

The water was perfect. They wanted it, we had it. We connected and something important passed from one person to another.

It is amazing, when you have something people actually want – are thirsty for – it is easy, natural to make a meaningful connection.

Jacob’s Well – the kind of church you’re thirsty for

Hmmm… sounds a lot like John chapter 4 to me.

BTW: Tomorrow is the beginning of our 2nd year and we are celebrating by launching a 2nd service. It will be Sunday at 6 p.m. (we already gather at 10:30 a.m.) at Field Middle School, 46th St & 4th Ave S, Mpls. Keep us in your prayers. Better yet: come. If you would like to support our ministry, donations can be sent to our Jacob’s Well office at 4751 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Let’s get people dreaming…

48th St & Chicago Ave S - Minneapolis

If the people of God can’t dream… who can?

We start our second year as Jacob’s Well next Sunday and are asking the whole community to start asking, “What if…?” The billboard, fold out mailer that unpacks the “What if…?” (on the address side of the mailer it says, “What if… I didn’t open this?” I love it!), people wearing “What if…?” t-shirts, sidewalk chalk “what if’s.” This is our chance to be a church that is a body of Christ which looks to the world to give it the best questions, hopes and dreams it has, and then looks for the God that is there blowing up what we thought the answer was. It isn’t just a 3-week series, it is a further unfolding of our calling.

What if this never ended?

Tell us your ‘what if…?” at ‘’

“What if…?”

September marks the first birthday of Jacob’s Well. Amazing. We are launching our second year with this simple question: “What if…?” What if there was a church…

I’ve been amazed at the interest those 2 words conjure up in people. They open people up instead of putting them in a box. They communicate to people that Jacob’s Well intends to be a church that is looking for what is possible, not what can’t be/shouldn’t be done. People are engaging the question and passing on their “What if’s” to us. We will never do them or be them all, but we can hear the possibilities, and seek the heart and soul behind them. I trust God to be working through these what if’s.

We will be very deliberate about collecting anyone’s “what if’s” in the upcoming weeks in a lot of different ways (see our sidewalk campaign below!) Post your “what if…” here, or send it on to me at ‘’

I’ll share what we hear in later posts.

Wow, just think, what if…