“What if…?”

September marks the first birthday of Jacob’s Well. Amazing. We are launching our second year with this simple question: “What if…?” What if there was a church…

I’ve been amazed at the interest those 2 words conjure up in people. They open people up instead of putting them in a box. They communicate to people that Jacob’s Well intends to be a church that is looking for what is possible, not what can’t be/shouldn’t be done. People are engaging the question and passing on their “What if’s” to us. We will never do them or be them all, but we can hear the possibilities, and seek the heart and soul behind them. I trust God to be working through these what if’s.

We will be very deliberate about collecting anyone’s “what if’s” in the upcoming weeks in a lot of different ways (see our sidewalk campaign below!) Post your “what if…” here, or send it on to me at ‘what-if@jacobs-well.net’

I’ll share what we hear in later posts.

Wow, just think, what if…



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