Let’s get people dreaming…

48th St & Chicago Ave S - Minneapolis

If the people of God can’t dream… who can?

We start our second year as Jacob’s Well next Sunday and are asking the whole community to start asking, “What if…?” The billboard, fold out mailer that unpacks the “What if…?” (on the address side of the mailer it says, “What if… I didn’t open this?” I love it!), people wearing “What if…?” t-shirts, sidewalk chalk “what if’s.” This is our chance to be a church that is a body of Christ which looks to the world to give it the best questions, hopes and dreams it has, and then looks for the God that is there blowing up what we thought the answer was. It isn’t just a 3-week series, it is a further unfolding of our calling.

What if this never ended?

Tell us your ‘what if…?” at ‘what-if@jacobs-well.net’

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