A Sign from God! (?)

Leading up to Christmas at Jacob’s Well we are talking about being “Behind the Miracle,” a VH1 (or JW1) sort of thing. We figure that God wasn’t just trying to knock our socks off back then with amazing miracles, but was breaking into our world to always be with us, and that the greatest miracles are still with us everyday.

Anyway, yesterday we were talking about the signs. The shepherds had angels, the wisemen had a star… what about us? How does the whole ‘signs and wonders’ thing work? While there are many reasons to be skeptical of them, it’s hard to deny that they are life changing for a lot of people? Just go ask a few people if they have ever received a sign from God (or somewhere upstairs} that determined something very significant in their life. You’ll collect some pretty amazing stories and convictions about signs. If you want to know more about this you can hear my Message on the topic which will be posted before long on our website. whatifbillboard.jpg

Okay, so as I came to the office this morning I realized that I have a sign from God. I mean, literally. When we launched our “what if…” campaign in September we rented a billboard on 48th & Chicago for 4 weeks to create some buzz. The picture on this page was taken today – 17 December! It has been up there for 3 1/2 months! I guess no one else has rented the billboard so we’ve still got it! What’s more, it shouldn’t have lasted! The billboard company produces two copies assuming that after about 2 weeks or so they will have to replace the sign because weather takes it’s toll on the sign. Well, it’s been 3 1/2 months and ours is still looking good.

In the meantime it is a sign from God for a lot of people! Four first time visitors have been part of Jacob’s Well in the last two weeks alone because of that billboard – that’s just people who have let us know. What if… it’s a sign from God (not us) to our neighbors. Hmmmm…

So… the question… do I think God is making our billboard stay up?

Let’s just say this; It’s still up, God is using it, and we’re thankful. May we be so blessed next time we put one up.


3 responses to “A Sign from God! (?)

  1. All I know is that Jacobs Well is a sign pointing to Christ. Everything else is secondary.

  2. Why do you call yourself “precarious”? Are you:

    1: depending on the will or pleasure of another
    2: dependent on uncertain premises: dubious
    3 a: dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments
    3b: characterized by a lack of security or stability that threatens with danger

  3. Paul, if you read the first entry to my blog I talk about the name. Here is the link to it https://precariouspastor.net/2007/08/22/why-precarious/

    In short the answer would be a blend of 2 and 3a. We are called to live by faith. To follow Christ from the sometimes frightening edge of what we know, at the margins of what feels secure because we trust in God’s providence. God shaped me to be a risk-taker. A fool for Christ’s sake (to quote 1 Corinthians.)

    I don’t always get it right. But that’s why God also supplies grace and forgiveness, I guess.

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