Don’t be a dip, be a brick

Okay, so that is a pretty flippant title, and probably not what we will say – even at Jacob’s Well, but I wanted to give you the sense of what I’m thinking.  Below is copy that is in our Sunday Paper (that is what we call the handout at our gatherings on Sunday.)


the Well

Been drinking from the Well for a while?  Figure you might have something to contribute to making sure the well is full for others?  Then it is time to not just be dipping from it, it’s time to help build the well.

Mark your calendars now.  On Saturday, November 10, 9-noon (wake up food and beverages, and childcare up to age 10 provided) we will have a special experience for people who want to do more than just dip, they want to build!

This is for everyone.  Whether you’ve only been coming for a few weeks but know this is home, or whether you were here when Jacob’s Well was just an idea.  Does this sound like membership?  Probably, but it isn’t about getting your name on the roles, it is ‘honest, real, thinking and casual’ like the rest of Jacob’s Well.  We think it is the next step you’re thirsty for!


4 responses to “Don’t be a dip, be a brick

  1. Sounds intriguing. what exactly will you be doing. I suppose the suspense is part of the draw.

  2. On an unrelated note I use the prayers of Jacobs Well. My blog has the details. Thanks

  3. Mike, where on your blog? Can’t seem to find it. Are you in England now?

    And Curtis, the event will be connecting people with the vision of Jacob’s Well (that includes our core beliefs and values, how we operate, what our vision looks like in terms of future plans and goals) and working out a covenant between each other so we don’t just all know what each other is doing, but we lockstep in doing it. As people spend this time with Building the Well we believe they will be taking on ownership of it as well.

  4. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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