ENDING POVERTY: Step 2 It is about us all learning to desire what is sufficient.

Between us and sufficiency is the word “Enough.” There is no such thing as enough – it is always a little more than what we have – so as long as we keep chasing it we never get to what really satisfies us. God promises to provide what we need, to which we say, “yes” and wink because we don’t really believe it. When we hear God say “what you need” we hear “what we want” and are secretly afraid that it won’t be “enough.”

We need to learn to desire that which is sufficient. Clearly we haven’t been good teachers or models of it for one another. We need to ask God for some direction on this.  The promise of it is that if God can quiet our drive for what we don’t have, then we may discover peace with what we do have. That in itself would be a very good thing. But it also allows us to take the next step.


One response to “ENDING POVERTY: Step 2 It is about us all learning to desire what is sufficient.

  1. Just watched Rob Bell’s “Kickball,” one of his Nooma videos, this past Sunday. Lead to a good discussion about God as the giver of good gifts and how he has a larger perspective on what is good for us than we do. The video challenges us with the question that really brings the point home. In conclusion to what he has been saying Bell asks, “Do you believe that God is good?”

    This really struck home for me. Because I do believe that God is good, yet I still want to give Him this sort of wink that you speak about. I still want more and I don’t really want to believe that what God has given me is enough. But if God is good, then He is also on time. He’s never late with what He gives. He gives us not just what we need, but what is best for us at the appropriate time, never late and never early. This realization helps me to diffuse the thought that, “well, of course God has given me what I need to survive right now, but I don’t want to just get by. There’s still coming a time when He’ll really give me what I need.” No, if God is good and if He is therefore on time, then I have, right now, this very instant, exactly what I truly need in the perfect amount…

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