Quick note to say I’m off to the Upper Arm of Burntside Lake, northwest of Ely, MN.  Our family is joining a couple of other families we have done this with for many years.  We get a rustic barn of a cabin where we share great food, drink, recreation and conversation.  It is adjacent to the BWCA so the ski trails meander through that wilderness.  For me it is a much needed break from always being “on” with my job and calling.  A time to allow my mind and heart to do some rumination and hopefully find some illumination.

The news on my ankle isn’t good (I now have an appointment with a surgeon…)  so I’ll be keeping the fire company while everyone else X-C skis in the sub-zero temp.  But the sauna and polar bear dip should still be within my grasp.

May each of us deliberately find a time each day, and a day each week, and retreat each year, when we are still and let God be God.



4 responses to “Rest

  1. Hope you ankle gets better soon. Enjoy the fire and take this time to relax.

  2. Thanks. It was great. Back now… unfortunately, sort of. I’ve got some reflections I’ll share soon, but suffice it to say that it was beautiful up there even though it was in the teens below zero. Great company, incredible food, stimulating conversation, cleansing sauna, spectacular surroundings and I read the last 400 pages of the final Harry Potter book. All in all, a great break for mind and spirit.

  3. We all need those breaks. There is something to be said for taking a sabbatical.

    I’m reading a book on pilgrimage. Very interesting. Also cleansing for the soul

  4. Dude,
    the next time you jump into a freezing lake let me know! I have been trying to do a polar jump for years- but no one will go with me!

    Happy birthday too!!!

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