Pray for me in Philly


I’m flying to Philadelphia tomorrow (Monday) to co-lead the Next Initiative Church Launching Conference ( with Randy Smith ( for 150 or so church developer type people and their launch teams, and for others who are transitioning churches from declining to a new start. I’m glad to do it and feel ready to present the material because it is stuff I’ve worked with for quite a few years. But my presence will be much more the confessions of a precarious pastor than an expert practitioner. I suppose that is equally helpful. I’m also glad for the opportunity to connect with some very bright people and have time to pick their brains to help with some of the growing pains we have at Jacob’s Well.

Anyway, this conference really is a big deal for the people attending. Many of them are truly turning their lives upside down to launch a new church somewhere. Pray that what I say and do may be helpful to them.

If you will be keeping me in your prayers (the conference is Tuesday and Wednesday) leave a short comment below. I can use the encouragement!



One response to “Pray for me in Philly

  1. We’re praying for you! And just so you know, I’ve talked to several visitors to JW that have heard of you (or participated in a previous conference in which you presented) in other cities…keep the faith…you are making a difference through your ministry!

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